Djäknegårdens Honung Paw Salve - 100 ml

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Apply the ointment to the dog's paws or desired area and allow it to absorb.

The sunflower oil and shea butter soften and repair irritated paws, while the wax from our Swedish bees protects the skin and paws from harsh weather conditions such as snow and ice in winter or hot pavements and sand in summer.

The essential oils are antiseptic and antibacterial and have an amazing healing effect on wounds.

100% natural

Kind to animals & nature

Naturally free of preservatives and surfactants

Water free

Recyclable metal can

Manufactured, packed and labeled by us here at Djäknegården in Åsa, Halland.

Ingredients: sunflower oil, beeswax, shea butter, essential oil (lavender, tea tree), vitamin E