Glycolic acid in Essex cream APL, cream 5% - 90 gr

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Cream with softening and protective properties. Contains glycolic acid which reduces the degree of keratinization (horn formation) in e.g. ichthyosis (fish scale disease). Glycolic acid also has a moisture-regulating effect, which makes dry skin feel supple and elastic.  

Do not use in case of hypersensitivity to the active ingredient or to any excipient.

Avoid getting the preparation in the eyes and on the mucous membranes.

Safety and effectiveness for use of glycolic acid in children have not been established. Preparations with glycolic acid should therefore not be used for children.

Caution with sensitive skin and when treating widespread areas with damaged skin.

Glycolic acid APL may increase the skin's sensitivity to ultraviolet (UV) light. You should therefore avoid exposure to direct sunlight or UV light during treatment.

Glycolic acid 5% in Essex cream APL contains cetostearyl alcohol which can cause local skin reactions (e.g. contact dermatitis) and chlorcresol which can cause allergic reactions.

No known interactions

Pregnancy: Category B:3 There is no data from the treatment of pregnant women. Glycolic acid 5% in Essex cream APL should not be used during pregnancy.

Breastfeeding: Group IVa So that the child is not unnecessarily exposed to glycolic acid orally, Glycolic acid 5% in Essex cream APL should not be smeared on the nipples during breastfeeding.

Side effects: Skin irritation with burning, feeling of heat, redness, tingling and swelling may occur, especially in sensitive skin.

100 g of cream contains:
Glycolic acid 5 g

Auxiliary substances:
Essex cream
Essex cream contains:
Cetomacrogol 1000
Cetostearyl alcohol
Liquid paraffin
White Vaseline
Sodium dihydrogen phosphate dihydrate
Concentrated phosphoric acid
Purified water
Essex cream is preserved with 0.1% chlorocresol.
Emulsion type: o/w
Fat content: approx. 30%