ACO Canoderm, Cream for Dry & Atopic Skin - 500 g

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Canoderm 5% is used to treat dry skin and to prevent recurrence of atopic eczema. Canoderm can be used by adults and children of all ages. The skin should be liberally lubricated with cream, both morning and evening and always after contact with water.

In case of dry skin, itching and eczema, it is important to repair the skin barrier and to keep the skin strong and soft. When the skin is dry, it is usually due to the lack of moisture or oil. It may feel tender and tight, look red-flamed, and it may itch or scaly.

Canoderm contains 5% urea, a substance that is already in our body and whose property is to retain moisture in the skin. Canoderm has a documented effect that shows that it strengthens the skin barrier, relieves dryness and itching and increases the number of eczema-free days in atopic eczema. The skin regains its normal state, becomes softer and more hydrated.

Canoderm is available as both cream and lotion. The cream is thicker in texture and can be nice to use on extra dry areas. The lotion feels more liquid and is usually absorbed a little faster by the skin.

Is your skin dry and irritated after tearing and scratching? The experience of burning when using an emollient cream is individual. Burning mainly occurs in periods when the skin is dry and sensitive, but is harmless and usually goes away after a while.

If you or your child experience burning, feel free to try Miniderm initially and then switch to Canoderm when the skin has improved a little, to strengthen the skin barrier and prevent recurrence of atopic eczema.

Dosage & use
Canoderm 5% cream is used as needed, preferably several times a day. For preventive treatment, the cream is applied at least 2 times a day and after contact with water. Use an amount that feels sufficient without feeling sticky. Canoderm can be used by children and adults as well as pregnant and breastfeeding women. The cream should not be applied to open wounds or mucous membranes.