Mjälloms Flatbread, Barley - 425 grams

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Korntunnbrödet is a classic thin bread with rich taste. Goes perfectly with Swedish classics such as herring and sour strömming or with a good piece of cheese on the Christmas table.

Since barley was the only type of grain that had time to ripen in the short northern summers, it was precisely this type of grain that was used to bake the first flatbreads. Which topping you choose is limited only by your own imagination and apart from Swedish classics such as herring and sour strömming, it is a no-brainer for the Christmas table. Test best for surströmming according to the Surströmmingsakademien!

Water, WHEAT FLOUR, BARLEY FLOUR, RYE FLOUR, whole grain WHEAT flour, brown syrup, BARLEY MALT FLOUR, salt, WHEAT GLUTEN, deer antler salt, amylase, flour treatment agent (E300), xylanase. Barley flatbread 23% Barley flour, 37% Wholemeal.