Kavli Soft Cheese Spread, Hot Shrimp - 250 grams

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100 years of soft cheese

Kavli Het Räka is a homage to Kavli's classic and popular Kavli Räkost, with a hot backing from red chili and lively acidity from lime. A whole century has passed since Kavli launched Primula – the first soft food. Since then, a lot has happened here in Sweden and in our surrounding world. Through everything, big and small, Kavli has been there. Every time you reach for Kavli's soft cheese to spread a sandwich before making a decision, big or small, we hope you think about how good your sandwich is. 

Not only because it tastes good, but because your sandwich also contributes to positive effects in the world around you. It has done so since 1962 when Kavli distributes all surplus to good causes. 

Thank you for continuing to take a support sandwich! Now you can do it with the new Kavli soft cheese Hot Shrimp. A new friend in the Kavli family on a temporary visit to celebrate 100 years of soft cheese.

Hard cheese (58%), water, Arctic prawns (10%), melting salts (E339, E452), chili pepper (0.5%), lime juice, garlic, preservatives (E202, E234).