Caj P. BBQ Oil Original - 250 ml

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Caj P's classic grill oil that has flavored the Swedish summer since 1962! With its mild spiciness and taste of onion, paprika and vinegar, it gives a wonderful barbecue taste. Goes well with everything that is grilled, it is especially good with strong types of meat such as game, beef and turkey. 250 ml

Rapeseed oil, water, salt, Chinese SOY (extract of SOY BEAN, WHEAT FLOUR, sugar, mushroom extract/mushroom extract), red wine vinegar/vinegar, spices (black pepper, chili pepper, paprika, onion/løg, garlic/hvidløg, coriander, cardamom), dye/farvestof (sugar colour), modified potato starch/modified kartoffelvelse, preservative (E211).