Biosalma Vitamin B12 1 mg + Folic acid, High Concentrate - 100 tablets

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Our vitamin B12 is a chewable tablet/lozenge with a lemon flavor contains vitamin B12 and folic acid. Vitamin B12 is mainly found in animal foods. Vegans therefore have an extra need for special supplementation of vitamin B12. Dietary supplements should not be used as an alternative to a varied diet. Recommended daily intake 1 tablet. The recommended dose should not be exceeded. Store at room temperature with the lid on and out of the reach of small children. Avoid storage in direct sunlight. The packaging is sorted as plastic packaging.


Sweetener (sorbitol, xylitol), natural lemon juice flavor, acidity regulator (malic acid), binder (magnesium salts of fatty acids), anti-caking agent (calcium phosphates, silicon dioxide), methylcobalamin (vitamin B12), pteroylmonoglutamic acid (folic acid).

Dosage & Use

Vitamin B12 contributes to reduced fatigue and a normally functioning immune system. Lack of folic acid for pregnant women is a risk factor for lack of development of the fetal spinal cord during the fetal stage. 1 tablet per day.

Content per daily dose 1 tablet:

Vitamin B12: 1 mg (40000% DRI*)

Folic acid: 400 µg (200% DRI*)

(*Daily Reference Intake)