Fazer Ögonblink 70% Premium Baking Chocolate, Dark - 100 grams

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Fazer Eyes 70% Premium baking chocolate gives an extra dark and rich chocolate taste to desserts, pastries and chocolate sauce. A perfect complement to baking when you have to make pastries and desserts such as muffins, cake or other goodies. Bake and enjoy! All Fazer chocolate products are made from 100% responsibly produced cocoa.

Kakaomassa (icke/ikke-EU), socker, kakaosmör (icke/ikke-EU), fettreducerat kakaopulver (icke/ikke-EU), emulgeringsmedel (SOJAlecitin), helMJÖLKSpulver/sødMÆLKSpulver/tørrMELK, arom. Mörk choklad innehåller minst 70% kakao/kakaotørstof.