Läkerol Strawberry - 25 grams

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Läkerol Strawberry is a fruity, sugar-free and vegan lozenge that freshens the breath and leaves a good taste in the mouth. Sweet and fresh strawberry in a box full of the taste of summer! Contains 25 grams.

Läkerol – Makes people talk

sweeteners/sweeteners (maltitols, sorbitols, steviol glycosides from/from stevia/the stevia plant), stabilizer/stabilizer (gum arabic), acid (malic/æble/malic acid), strawberry/strawberry juice concentrate 0.7%, natural aroma, concentrate from (apple/æble/eple, radish/radish/radish, elderberry/elderberry/elderberry), vegetable oils (coconut, canola), surface treatment agent (carnauba wax/wax).