Fazer Tutti Frutti Mix natural - 325 grams

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Tutti Frutti Mix is a classic candy mix! In the bag in Party format, you will find classic Tutti Frutti fruit candy in a happy mix with salmiak and licorice candy. Tutti Frutti Mix brightens the movie night and is guaranteed to be the centerpiece of the party.

sugar, glucose syrup, WHEAT starch, modified potato starch, WHEAT flour, licorice extract, acidity regulator (E270, E325), molasses, ammonium chloride (salmiak), thickener (E414), salt, natural flavours, food coloring (black carrot concentrate, safflower, sweet potato, spirulina and apple and paprika oil extract), corn starch, color (vegetable charcoal), surface treatment (carnauba wax). MAY CONTAIN MILK.