Dr Dryels Throat Lozenges - 75 grams

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Dr Dryels is a classic throat lozenge that has soothed irritated and sore throats in Sweden since the 1930s. The throat tablet stands for "does good tastes good", which is exactly what it does. An old favorite for sore throats.

There are two different ways to relieve a sore throat with the help of Dr. Dryels. One way is to eat Dr Dryels as a traditional throat lozenge for sore throat relief. The other way is to put a few tablets in a cup of steaming hot milk or tea. Drink the warm drink when the tablets dissolve to get extra effect for an irritated throat. With flavors of menthol and peppermint, the pastille provides a cooling sensation for sore throats. Dr. Dryels also works great as a tablet for a refreshing and fresh taste in the mouth. The throat tablets' packaging is perfect to put in your pocket, bag or car.

Doctor Dryels both does good and tastes good for a sore throat!

sugar, glucose syrup, flavorings (menthol, peppermint), salt.