Dig No-Bake Raspberry Crumble - 35 grams

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DIG Raspberry crumb pie is a vegan, organic and gluten-free raw bar made from natural ingredients.

Raspberry shortbread is made with oats, almond butter, coconut nectar and freeze-dried raspberries.

Gluten-free oats*, coconut nectar*, almond butter*, cashew butter*, cocoa butter*, freeze-dried raspberries* 4%, sea salt, vanilla extract*. *Ecological. Energy (kJ). 1900 kJ/ Energy (kcal): 450 kcal Fat: 24 g - of which saturated fat. 7.2 g Carbohydrates. 45 g - of which sugars. 21 g Fiber: 6.2 g Protein: 10 g Salt: 0.57 g