Dig No-Bake Banana Mlk Chocolate Crumble - 35 g

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No-Bake Banana M*lk Chocolate Crumble from DIG is like a little crumb pie, perfect when you want to treat yourself to something good or get some extra energy. The little treat is made from ten natural and organic ingredients, including cashew butter, gluten-free oats, banana and chocolate.

The little crumb pie with banana and chocolate flavor is sweetened with coconut nectar.

Vegan and gluten-free.

Cashew butter*, coconut nectar*, gluten-free oats*, freeze-dried bananas* 8%, light chocolate 6% (cocoa butter*, coconut sugar*, cocoa mass*, gluten-free oats*, sea salt, vanilla extract*, cocoa content 55%), cocoa butter*, sea salt, vanilla extract . *Ecological.