Cloetta Fünf Kräuter Throat Lozenges - 70 grams

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Fünf Kräuter are iconic throat lozenges with herbs and honey that soothe sore throats. The throat tablets have an effective effect on the throat and throat during a cold and help relieve the discomfort.

Fünf Kräuter is a true classic and for many in Sweden the lozenges are a clear favorite choice when buying throat lozenges.

Fünf Kräuter is packaged in a practical resealable bag, which helps prevent the throat lozenges from falling out of their packaging and makes them suitable to carry in your bag or pocket. The throat lozenges have the same good, mild taste of honey and herbs as well as the functional effect for sore throats that Fünf Kräuter has always had!

sugar, glucose syrup, honey, flavourings, menthol, acidity regulator (e336).