Anthon Berg Single Malt Chocolate Box - 230 grams

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Not only is Anthon Berg's famous chocolate in a league of its own, when paired with a steady swirl it becomes irresistible! In this fancy gift box comes 15 chocolates shaped like whiskey bottles filled with your favorite drink! In total, there are five different flavors that take you all the way to the Scottish Highlands when you enjoy the chocolate.

Regardless of whether it is father's birthday, best friend's birthday or a normal Saturday night, it should be given a little extra attention. This luxurious box of fancy chocolate bottles brightens up any coffee break with its five different whiskey flavors in pleasant constellations. Give yourself or someone you care a moment of pleasure with a honey-smooth Dalwhinnie or a smoky Lagavulin paired with Anthon Berg's smooth chocolate!

Sugar/sugar, cocoa mass, cocoa butter/butter, water/water/water,
Whiskey 7%. May contain traces of milk and nuts. May contain traces of
milk and nuts. ALCOHOL W/W MIN. 2.5% MAX. 2.8%. At least 50% cocoa solids/-
dry matter in the dark chocolate/chocolate/dark chocolate.
Store dry and cool. Store dry and cool.