Anthon Berg Plums in Madeira - 220 grams

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Anthon Berg's delicious little "Marzipan cakes", dark chocolate filled with lovely marzipan and plums in Madeira. Each "cake" is individually packed in the box. Also good with a cup of coffee. Without palm oil.

Sugar/sugar, plums/plums 15%, cocoa mass, ALMONDS/ALMONDS 11%, apricot kernels/kernels/kernels, glucose syrup/syrup, cocoa butter, mulled wine/mulled wine/liqueur wine (including Madeira 1.5%), alcohol , MÆLKEFEDT/MELKE-/milk fat, emulsifier/emulsifier (lecithin), thickener/thickener (pectin), preservatives (sorbic acid/-acid, potassium sorbate), acid/acidity regulator (citric acid/-acid/citric acid). May contain traces of other NUTS. May contain traces of other NUTS. May contain pieces of flower essence. May contain parts of plumstone. May contain pieces of plum stone. At least 50% cocoa powder in the dark chocolate/chocolate/dark chocolate.