Anthon Berg Mini Nougat In Marzipan - 105 grams

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Lovely pieces of marzipan and hazelnut nougat covered in dark chocolate.

Sugar/sugar, Almonds /ALMONDS 15%, apricot kernels/kernels/kernels, ROASTED HAZELNØDDER/-NØTTER /ROASTED HAZELNUTTER 9%, cocoa butter, cocoa mass, SWEET/ WHOLE MILK/SWEET MILK POWDER, glucose syrup/syrup, MILK FAT/ MILK FAT/ MILK FAT, emulsifier/emulsifier (lecithin), humectant (invertase), preservative (sorbic acid), vanilla extract/vanilla extract. At least 33% cocoa solids/dry substance and at least 23% milk/milk ingredients/MILK ingredients in the milk chocolate/milk chocolate/milk chocolate. At least 50% cocoa solids/dry substance in the dark chocolate/chocolate/dark chocolate.