Anthon Berg Mini Marzipan Bars - 95 grams

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With Anthon Berg Mini Marzipan bread you get a wonderful taste experience. With a classic combination of smooth marzipan and soft chocolate, this is the ultimate treat for those of you who want to treat yourself to something extra good. Sold in a large pack with a full 1.8 kg of Marzipan bread. Perfect for all chocolate and marzipan lovers out there!

Ingredients: Sugar, ALMONDS 25%, cocoa mass, apricot kernels, glucose syrup, cocoa butter, MILK FAT, emulsifier (lecithin), preservative (sorbic acid). May contain traces of other nuts/nuts. May contain traces of other nuts. At least 50% cocoa powder in the dark chocolate/chocolate/dark chocolate. The marzipan contains/contains 42% almonds.