Anthon Berg Marzipan bread Nougat - 40 grams

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Anthon Berg Marzipan bread Nougat consists of soft nougat, sweet marzipan and dark chocolate!

Here in packaging of 40 grams.

Ingredients: sugar, cocoa mass, ALMONDS 14%, apricot kernels, roasted hazelnuts 8%, cocoa butter, glucose syrup, MILK FAT, emulsifier ( rapeseed lecithin), SWEET MILK/WHOLE MILK/SWEET MILK POWDER, humectant (invertase), preservative (sorbic acid), vanilla/vanilla. Contains: Nuts (eng: tree nuts), contains: MILK. Nutritional values: per 100 grams energy 2200 kJ energy 530 kcal fat 33 g - of which saturated fat 11 g carbohydrate 47 g - of which sugars 43 g protein 9 g salt 0 g