Anthon Berg Marzipan Bread Baileys - 33 grams

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Anthon Berg's delicious marzipan bread Baileys, milk chocolate, filled with marzipan with Baileys. Without palm oil.

Sugar/sugar, ALMONDS/ALMONDS 33%, cocoa butter/-butter, cocoa mass, Baileys aroma mixture 7% (aroma, dye/färgämne (caustic sulphited caramel), CREAM/CREAM/CREAM, sugar/sugar, MILK/MILK-/ MILK PROTEIN, emulsifier/emulsifier (mono- and/or diglycerides of/of fatty acids), acidity regulator/agent (trisodium citrate), alcohol), glucose syrup, SWEET MILK/WHOLE MILK/WHOLE MILK POWDER, MILK/MILK/MILK FAT, emulsifier/emulsifier (lecithin), preservative/agent (sorbic acid), vanilla extract. May contain/contain traces of other nuts/nuts. ALCOHOL W/W 0.6%.