Anthon Berg Apricots in Cognac - 220 grams

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Anthon Berg's small tasty "Marzipan cakes", dark chocolate filled with lovely marzipan and apricot in cognac. Each "cake" is individually packed in the box. Also good with a cup of coffee.

8 pieces.

Without palm oil.

Sugar/sugar, cocoa mass, ALMONDS/ALMONDS 12%, apricot kernels/kernels/kernels, apricots/apricots 10%, glucose syrup/syrup, cocoa butter, alcohol, MILK BUTTER/MILK FAT, Brandy 0.8%, emulsifier/emulsifier (lecithin), thickener/thickener (pectin), flavorings/flavoring agents, preservative (sorbic acid/-acid, potassium sorbate), acid/acidity regulator (citric acid/-acid/citric acid). May contain traces of other nuts/nuts. May contain traces of other nuts. At least 50% cocoa solids in the dark chocolate/chocolate/chocolate.