Finn Crisp Snacks, Real Cheddar Cheese - 150 grams

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FINN CRISP Cheddar Cheese are baked with 100% whole grain rye, sunflower oil and topped with cheddar cheese. They contain 60% less fat and are perfect for the Friday cozy, festive occasions with family and friends, as a side dish for the TexMex dinner, snacks, with or without dip or why not on the go!

100% whole grain rye flour

60% less fat

High fiber content

Wholemeal rye flour 77%, sunflower oil, spice mixture [whey powder (from milk), salt, cheese powder, cheddar powder (from milk) 0.6%, sugar, milk protein, paprika, yeast extract, aroma, cream powder, acidity regulator (E 270), spice, aroma ], water, yeast.
May contain traces of sesame seeds. Store dry and dark.