Xylocain Pain-relieving Ointment 5% - 10 grams

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Xylocaine ointment can be used by adults and children from the age of 1½ years, to relieve pain from, for example, insect bites, wounds and burns. Xylocaine contains a local anesthetic and should be applied directly to the exposed area. It can be applied to sore nipples during breastfeeding or on a wound to relieve pain before cleaning. The ointment does not interfere with the wound healing itself. Xylocaine can also be used for various anal problems such as hemorrhoids or anal fissures.

Maximum pain relief is achieved after about 5 minutes.

Dosage & use
Adults and children over 1½ years: For painful wounds or burns: Apply the ointment directly to the wound or burn. The ointment can also be spread on a compress, which is then placed on the damaged area. Maximum pain relief is achieved after about 5 minutes. If it feels sticky, the ointment can then be wiped off or rinsed off with water. In the case of burns, Xylocaine ointment should not be used on areas larger than the size of the palm of your hand. Before cleaning wounds, do the same. The cleaning can begin approx. 5 minutes after the ointment has been applied to the wound. Sore nipples in connection with breastfeeding: The ointment is smeared 5-10 minutes before breastfeeding and dried or rinsed off thoroughly with water before the actual breastfeeding. In case of anal problems: The ointment is smeared on the irritated areas 1-3 times daily. In the case of painful stools, apply the ointment in about 5-10 minutes before going to the toilet. For hygienic reasons, you should not use the same tube for anal problems as for other wound treatment. If anal problems do not go away after 2-3 weeks or if anal bleeding occurs, you should contact doctor. The risk of side effects increases if you use Xylocain ointment at the same time as certain other medicines, especially other local anesthetics and medicines for irregular heart activity. Read the package leaflet carefully and consult your doctor. Lidocaine passes into breast milk, but probably does not affect children who are breastfed. However, talk to your doctor if Xylocaine is used more than occasionally during breastfeeding.

The active substance lidocaine 50 mg. Other ingredients are propylene glycol, macrogol and purified water.