Viruseptin Against Cold Lozenges - 20 pcs

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Viruseptin lozenges contain the active substance iota-carrageenan (Carragelose®), which is extracted from red algae from the sea and which helps the body's own defenses to fight viruses in the upper respiratory tract. The active substance envelops the virus particles and prevents them from sticking in the mouth and throat, which reduces the increase and spread of the virus.

Viruseptin is a medical device that can be used from the age of 6.

Dosage & use
Start at the first sign of a cold. Take one lozenge at a time. Usually 3-6 lozenges per day depending on individual needs. Continue use until symptom relief is achieved.

The total daily amount should not exceed 6 lozenges, otherwise there is a risk of a laxative effect.

Can be advantageously used together with Viruseptin nasal spray and/or Viruseptin mouth spray.

Can be used during pregnancy.

Storage instructions
Keep out of the reach of small children.

Iota-carrageenan (Carragelose®), isomalt, yellow coloring and flavors (honey, lemon mint)