TePe Universal Care Angled brush

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TePe Universal Care is an innovative special brush with an angled neck and narrow brush head for effective cleaning even on hard-to-reach surfaces. The uniquely angled neck provides optimal access when cleaning the lingual and palatal surfaces of the implant and is also suitable for lingual orthodontic appliances.

The toothbrush has soft, top-rounded bristles to ensure safe and gentle cleaning. The shaft can be bent after heating in hot water. Can be used by patients who experience difficulty opening their mouths. Consult the dentist for consultation before use and how often you should clean.

By replacing fossil raw materials with fossil-free pine oils through the mass balance method, we have reduced the carbon footprint by 80% - without compromising quality, efficiency or design.

Dosage & use
Universal Care can be used by all patients; children should be assisted by an adult. Consult the dental care for an individual recommendation. Rinse and air dry after use.

Shaft Polypropylene (PP). Straw Polyamide (PA).