TePe PlaqSearch - 10 tablets

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TePe PlaqSearch is a smart coloring tablet that quickly and easily makes plaque visible.

Offers an educational aid for improved oral hygiene. A big advantage is the tablet's color indication, which differentiates between new and old plaque: new plaque is colored red and plaque older than 12 hours is colored blue.

Dosage & use
Brush the teeth and clean the spaces. Chew the tablet and rinse your mouth. You may need to rinse a couple of times to clearly see the color marking. Do not swallow the tablet. Study teeth and gum line. Red marking indicates new plaque and blue marking indicates plaque older than 12 hours.

Children under 12 should be supervised by an adult.

Warning: Stains. Avoid contact with clothing and furniture.

Hydrated Dextrates, Magnesium stearate,Sodium starch glycolate, Aroma, CI 42090, CI45410