TePe Interspace Soft Angled brush 1 handle + 12 tips

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TePe Interspace has a compact brush head and can be used to clean around implants, furcations, fixed braces and the distal surface of the last tooth. The brush tip can be attached to both sides of the shaft for unique angling and optimal access to hard-to-reach areas. Available in two different color-coded softnesses on the straws: Yellow: soft, Blue: medium.

The special brush has a pointed brush tip and angled brush head to facilitate cleaning hard-to-reach surfaces, erupting teeth and along the gum line. 12 included brush tips can be attached to both sides of the shaft for optimal accessibility. Dentistry can recommend more areas of use.

By replacing fossil raw materials with fossil-free pine oils through the mass balance method, we have reduced the carbon footprint by 80% - without compromising quality, efficiency or design.

Dosage & use
TePe Interspace can be used by all patients; children should be assisted by an adult. Consult the dental care for an individual recommendation.

Rinse and air dry after use.

Shaft Polypropylene (PP). Straw Polyamide (PA).