TePe Gentle Care Super Soft Toothbrush

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TePe Gentle Care is a toothbrush with super soft bristles. Recommended for patients with dry mouth, delicate oral mucosa, sensitive tooth necks and after radiation therapy. Other areas of use may occur. Consult the dental care for consultation. TePe Gentle Care has slightly firmer bristles than TePe Special Care and is recommended as the second toothbrush after oral surgery (after TePe Special Care). It has a comfortable handle that can be angled after heating in hot water for better accessibility. By replacing fossil raw materials with fossil-free plant-based oils through the mass balance method, we have reduced the carbon footprint - without compromising quality, efficiency or design.

Super soft bristles for gentle cleaning.

Recommended as the second brush after oral surgery.

For patients with dry mouth, sensitive teeth, tooth necks and those who prefer a softer brush

The shaft can be angled for better access.

Made with plant-based material.