TePe Dental Tape Dental Floss - 40 meters

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TePe Dental Tape is a wide and flat dental floss with a fresh mint flavor that effectively removes plaque between the teeth. A durable dental floss waxed with natural beeswax, which easily slides down between the teeth without fraying. Use daily for a healthy mouth and clean teeth.

The dental floss is developed in close collaboration with dental care expertise for the best user experience.

Dosage & use
Use approximately 30 cm of dental floss. Wrap the ends around the middle finger of each hand and hold a short end tightly between thumb and forefinger. Place the floss between the teeth using careful back and forth motions.

Wrap the floss around each tooth. Clean 1-2 mm both below and above the gum line, using gentle up and down movements. Carefully remove the floss.

PTFE, Beeswax, Spicemint Mint powder.