SPC-Flakes - 450 grams

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SPC Flakes is a food for special medical purposes that improves the fluid balance in the body's cells. For dietary treatment of increased intestinal flows in, for example, inflammatory bowel diseases such as ulcerative colitis, Mb Crohn's or Mb Ménière's (dizziness).

SPC Flakes should be used in consultation with a doctor or dietician. Not to be used for parenteral administration. Is a supplement to a regular diet and can also be eaten by healthy people.

SPC Flakes are given as a form of maintenance treatment, which aims to stimulate the patient's own production of protein AF. A positive treatment effect can normally be seen within 10 -15 days. The treatment should last for at least one month to evaluate the effect. If you stop using the AF products, a diminishing effect is seen after a few weeks. If one starts again, previous AF levels in plasma are already reached within a few days, indicating that there is a biological memory for the synthesis of protein AF in the body. If there is no effect, it may be because the dose is too low or that some patients cannot produce protein AF themselves.


- To be distributed over the day, 2–3 times daily. 1 dl corresponds to approximately 50 g.

- To be used in consultation with a doctor or dietician.

- 1 g/kg body weight daily or as recommended

- A gradual escalation of the dose is recommended so that the recommended normal dose begins to be taken after 4–6 days.

- Not for the gluten intolerant.

- Can be eaten naturally with dairy products such as cheese, yoghurt or milk, can also be cooked into porridge as well as or together with other cereals.

- Can also be mixed with flour and used for baking bread and cakes.


Nutritional content per 100 g: Dietary fiber 7.5 g, Sodium 14 mg, Chloride 86 mg, Potassium 310 mg, Calcium 88 mg, Phosphorus 400 mg, Magnesium 130 mg, Iron 4.5 mg, Zinc 2.4 mg, Copper 390 mcg , Iodine 0.5 mcg, Selenium 8 mcg, Manganese 3.1 mg, Chromium 14 mcg, Molybdenum 130 mcg, Fluorine 0.08 mg, Vitamin K 1.6 mcg, Thiamin 0.57 mg, Riboflavin 1.3 mg, Vitamin B6 0.08 mg, Niacin 2.7 mg, Folic acid 166 mcg, Vitamin B12 0.28 mcg, Pantothenic acid 1.7 mg, Biotin 16 mcg, Vitamin E 0.74 mg.