Silon Ointment - 50 grams

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Silon is a skin protectant for various types of wetting, e.g. infant care, bedsores, fistulas, oozing eczema and drooling ulcers. Anal itching, hemorrhoids, self-cracks and skin inflammations can also be treated with Silon ointment.

Skin protectant against mold, fistulas and dry eczema as well as in the case of various types of oozing, e.g. oozing eczema and involuntary urination.

Can also be used for animals.

For humans:
The affected area is covered with a thin layer of the ointment one to several times a day, depending on the moisture of the skin. Bandages are applied if necessary. The silo is most easily washed off with fatty oil, e.g. baby oil. Other dosage according to doctor's prescription.

For animals:
The relevant skin area is covered with a thin layer of the ointment. In most cases, one application per day is sufficient. Bandages are applied if necessary. Other dosage according to the veterinarian's prescription. Silo does not prevent normal skin breathing and sweating.

Active substances: Zinc oxide 240 mg, Dimethicone (silicone oil) 20 mg Other ingredients: White vaseline, wool grease, liquid paraffin, cetostearyl alcohol, wool wax alcohols, dextran CB, metagin and propagin (E218 and E216 preservatives) and water.