Promix Nipple Ease

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Nipple Ease nipple protection facilitates the healing of chafed, cracked or sore nipples. Air is allowed to circulate freely around the nipple to keep it dry. You avoid chafing from bras or clothes between breastfeedings. The pain subsides and the healing process is accelerated.

The nursing pads are for single use and should be changed as soon as they are wet. The nursing pads do not get stuck in wounds. If you leak a lot, you may need a regular nursing pad on top of the Nipple Ease nipple shield to protect your clothes.

It is good to combine the Nipple Ease

 nipple shield with the PROMIX breast warmer, which maintains the mother's natural body temperature regardless of whether she is outside or inside. Maintain body heat and ventilate the nipples - at the same time!

2 covers + 10 nursing pads (disposable)

The plastic covers are hand washed with soap and water. Can be rinsed in sterilizing solution. Can be boiled. Do not use a microwave oven. The nursing pads are not washed - disposable.