Physiomer Virus Defense Nasal Spray - 20 ml

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Physiomer Virus Defense relieves cold and flu-like symptoms. It is a double-acting nasal spray that reduces nasal congestion and forms a protective barrier.

Physiomer Virus Defense is for adults and children over 1 year of age and is used at the first sign of cold and flu-like symptoms.

1. Reduces nasal congestion

Sorbitol has decongestant properties that cause excess fluid in the nasal mucosa to be drawn out, thus reducing the swelling and making it easier to breathe.

2. Forms a protective barrier against cold viruses, which helps relieve symptoms and can shorten the time you have a cold.

Carragelose®, a natural and active ingredient from red seaweed, encapsulates the cold virus and can prevent it from attaching to the mucous membranes of the nose. Thus, it is possible to reduce the spread of viruses that cause infections in the respiratory tract.

When the first symptoms have appeared, Physiomer Virus Defense can help relieve cold and flu-like symptoms. It can also shorten the duration of the disease if started at an early stage.

Medical product.

Dosage & use
For adults and children over 1 year:
Spray once in each nostril, at least three times a day until the symptoms are gone.

Contact your doctor if symptoms persist after five days for children and ten days for adults.

Can be used during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Physiomer Virus Defense is a medical device, read the instructions for use carefully before use.

Storage instructions
Use within 12 months of first spraying. Store at a maximum of 30C.

Hypertonic solution (sorbitol with decongestant effect as 2.3% saline solution) and Carragelose® which is extracted from red algae.