Oralmedic - 2 pcs

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Oralmedic is a unique treatment for canker sores, blisters and minor wounds in the mouth. Takes the pain out of blisters with a single treatment! Oralmedic is hygienic and speeds up natural healing.

The treatment is unique in that a single treatment is enough. First, the damaged tissue is eliminated and the fluid is drawn out of the wound. A protective film is then formed that takes away the pain and facilitates the natural healing process. Many other products often require you to treat several times a day and for several days.

The package contains cotton swabs for 2 treatments. Intended for single use. Can be used on multiple wounds/blisters.

Please note that ORALMEDIC® is not intended for use on herpes cold sores, but only on canker sores.

Hydroxybenzenesulfonic acid, Hydroxymethoxybenzenesulfonic acid, Sulfuric acid, Water, FD&C Red 40