Nozoil Original nasal spray - 10 ml

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Nozoil Original is used by adults and children to lubricate a dry and irritated nose. The product contains 100% sesame oil which naturally moisturizes and softens the nasal passages. Relieves cold symptoms such as dry mucous membranes and itching. Used with advantage to soften the mucous membranes if you often stay in environments with dry air and dust or in case of similar problems caused by, for example, medicines or hormonal changes.

Nozoil contains no preservatives.

Dosage & use
For adults and children:

Spray 1-3 times in each nostril, 3 times daily. Optimal effect is achieved after continuous use for 10 days.


1. The nose is trimmed well. The plastic cap on the bottle is removed.

2. Before using the spray for the first time or when it has not been used for a long time, pump a few times until the nasal oil comes out as a fine stream. Nozoil is an oil-based product. In order not to cause stains on wallpaper, walls, etc., pump against some protection, e.g. a piece of paper towel, until the oil comes out.

3. The tip of the bottle is brought up into the nostril. Hold the bottle straight and pump 1-3 times, directing the jet in different directions so that the oil reaches different parts of the nasal mucosa while air is drawn in through the nose. After use, wipe the tip of the bottle and replace the plastic cap.

Sesame oil Ph. Eur. 100%