LTX Bandaid - 5x200 cm

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LTX Superplaster is a foam plaster that contains latex and is self-adhesive.

LTX Superplaster can be used on all types of wounds. Not sensitive to heat, cold, wet or dry.

Tear off and wrap one or two turns around the injury. In case of heavy bleeding, shape a piece of LTX as a "pillow" and re-do one or two turns to create a pressure bandage. Press the patch together for approx. 5 seconds.

Can be used on both skin and hair and by both humans and animals. Do not tear up the scab when removing the patch.

- Self-vulcanizing latex plaster

- Absorbs blood

- Can be used in water and oil

- Elastic

- Does not stick to hair or skin or wounds

- Glue-free

- Can be used as pressure dressing

- Contains latex

- Rolls off easily