Locobase Protect Cream - 100 grams

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Locobase oily cream is a protective and softening cream suitable for dry and irritated skin. The cream can be used by people with congenital problem skin and by people who have a job where the skin is stressed. Use the cream on exposed areas of the body, avoid taking too much cream as it has a very high fat content. Use as much as the skin can absorb. The cream can be used all over the body and is completely free of perfume and dyes. Fat content 70%.

Dosage & Use
Squeeze out a small amount, less than a penny, and apply to the dry area. Take more cream if needed. Works for 6 hours.

Petrolatum (fat), Aqua (water), Parafinum liquidum (fat), Cetearyl Alcohol (emulsifier), Ceteareth 25 (emulsifier), Methylparaben (preservative), Citric acid (synthetically produced, pH adjuster & preservative), Sodium citrate (pH adjuster)