Footmender Diabetic, all in one footcream - 150ml

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Footmender® All in One Diabetic is a patented product designed for the treatment of all foot care areas: dry skin on the feet, pruritus, lick, blemishes and whiskers in one and the same product. In Footmender All in One Diabetic, diabetics get a product that is specially developed for their needs and makes it easy to get nice feet.

Footmending Diabetic has eight different features:

Antimicrobial effect that prevents the growth of microorganisms for at least 12 hours.
Exfoliating function.
Binds and preserves moisture in the skin.
Soften the skin.
Reduces the sensitivity of the skin and inhibits water supply.
Stabilizes the turnover of skin cells.
Effectively affect the healing of skin cracks.
Strengthens the skin's barrier function.

Airless pump for accurate dosing. Free from preservatives.

CE-marked medical device.

Treat once a day until the desired result is reached.

Does not contain menthol or perfume. Does not contain ingredients of animal origin. Free from preservatives.

Footmender is produced by Aucilium Cura Innovatio, located in Stockholm-Sweden. Footmender is the "Rolls-Royce" of
foot creams in Sweden, costs a little more, but there simply ain´t no better.