Ellen Vaginal pH-Control - 5 pcs

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Vaginal self-test

Results after 10 seconds

Helps you identify and prevent vaginal imbalance

A quick and easy self-test to easily check the vaginal pH value to detect an imbalance in the vaginal bacterial flora early and thus reduce the risk of itching, burning sensation, foul-smelling discharge, etc. A pH-balanced abdomen is the prerequisite for good intimate health. During certain phases of life, the pH value can become unbalanced, which can cause pelvic discomfort. With ellen® Vaginal pH-Control® you can test your vaginal pH yourself and thus identify and prevent imbalance. Can be advantageously used for increased security during pregnancy. ellen® Vaginal pH-Control® is a CE marked medical device.

The package contains 5 test applicators, a user instruction and a pH scale on the foil bag.