Decubal Lips & Dry Spots Balm - 30 ml

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For really dry lips, cuticles or cracked heels, a normal skin cream doesn't always help, you need something extra fat and effective so that the skin can recover. Decubal Lips & Dry Spots Balm is an oily, nourishing and moisturizing ointment suitable for both children and adults. The ointment contains the natural fat lanolin which quickly penetrates and softens the skin and beeswax which helps the skin to recover faster. The ointment has a fat content of 99%, which works as an excellent protection when the skin is exposed to moisture or cold.

Decubal Lips & Dry Spots do not contain dyes, perfumes or parabens.

Dosage & use
Apply the cream to dry or chapped areas such as elbows, cuticles, lips and heels. Decubal Lips & Dry Spots Balm can be advantageously applied before the body is exposed to moisture or cold as a protection and after for recovery.

Vaseline, Lanolin, Paraffin, Cera Alba (white beeswax), Castor oil, Tocopherol, Antioxidant