Absolut Torr (Absolutely Dry) Extra Effective Antiperspirant Roll-on 25 ml

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Absolut dry is an extra effective antiperspirant that puts an end to sweat and bad odor for up to 7 days. It is recommended for those who are bothered by heavy sweating or hyperhidrosis and who want a safe and long-lasting effect. Absolut Torr contains aluminum chloride, a substance that prevents sweating on the skin areas where it is applied. It helps against all types of sweating such as arm sweat, hand sweat and foot sweat. The formula is free of perfume.

Good to know that aluminum chloride can cause itching and tingling in the skin if the skin is not completely dry. Therefore, make sure to dry thoroughly before applying Absolut Torr.

Dosage & use
Shake the container before use. Apply to clean and completely dry skin in the evening and leave on overnight. Wash off or shower as usual in the morning and during the rest of the week. Repeat once a week or more often if necessary. It may be good to start with a smaller area to check the skin's tolerance.

Alcohol denat., aluminum chloride, silica, aqua.