Zoégas Västkust - 450 grams

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It is said that coffee tastes different depending on where you are in Sweden. Often it is due to reasons other than the small differences in water quality that remain, for example which coffee maker you have and how you have stored your coffee. More interesting is that the flavors that coffee drinkers prefer differ between different parts of Sweden. Our quality department has taken this insight to heart and then researched which coffee flavors West Coasters like the most. Based on these tests, we have developed a blend especially for the taste buds of West Coast residents. The final coffee blend has been tried by coffee drinkers on the West Coast and won over the competition in both taste and aroma.

The inspiration for the coffee and the packaging comes from the fishing villages of the west coast, the archipelago environment and the strong coffee culture. We have a large variety in our product portfolio, but not many regional variants. Our dear Skånerost from 1918, on the other hand, was produced especially for Scanian coffee drinkers, and Västkust is now the second product developed for a regional taste preference. We do not see that only coffee drinkers living on the West Coast will like the blend, but have tried to create a holistic feeling for the West Coast as a region, which should be experienced through the product. This is simply the reason why we have named our new intermediate roast West Coast.

Västkust is part of our Medium Roast collection, where you will find our balanced and aromatic medium roasted coffee blends of 100% Arabica beans, which taste just like a really good medium roast should taste.