Zoégas Stockholm - 450 grams

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Do the flavors in a specific medium roast suit the mouths in southern Sweden as well as they suit the mouths in northern Sweden and vice versa? At Zoégas, we know that depending on where in Sweden you live, taste preferences for coffee differ. Similarly, the situations for the intake of coffee differ depending on whether you live a busy everyday life in a big city or if you live a quiet existence in the countryside. Many Swedes choose to fill their cups with medium-roasted coffee every day, for breakfast, lunch, afternoon coffee and after the evening meal. Some take the coffee with them as a faithful companion to work or for a walk around town. We like to produce tasty blends based on how you want to drink your coffee. This is so that all coffee lovers, regardless of where they live or are, will have the opportunity to fill their cups with tasty coffee. Likewise, we want the blend to suit all coffee occasions that may arise in an everyday life, inspired by different regions in Sweden.

We have therefore developed Zoégas Stockholm. A design and mix that is inspired by urban life and the city of Stockholm. A medium roast coffee with a specially selected composition of beans from different parts of the world. The blend is made from 100% Arabica beans with lively acidity and a well-balanced good aftertaste. Stockholm suits the take-away mug as well as the cup at half-past coffee with friends, yes, all coffee moments that can arise in Sweden's capital.