Zoégas Prezzo - 450 grams

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The coffee beans in Presso come from, among other things, Rainforest Alliance certified plantations. This is part of our sustainability work to ensure that the coffee is grown in a way that protects the environment and provides better livelihood opportunities for coffee growers. All so that you as a coffee drinker can enjoy the tasty Zoégas cup and at the same time be part of a positive and sustainable development for the future, for people and the environment.

Presso is part of our Selected collection. There you will find our finest coffee blends that are dark roasted on a complex blend of tall grown Arabica beans with carefully selected aromas and special cup profiles for an even greater taste experience. With a passion for dark rust since 1886.

We at Zoégas are passionate about our coffee craft and regardless of which coffee character suits your good taste, we will always deliver a high-quality coffee that is rich in flavor with a long aftertaste. All so that we at Zoégas can give you as a coffee lover the best coffee, and let you experience a Zoégas moment. So, enjoy a really good cup of Presso.