Zoégas Pasión Colombia - 450 grams

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Zoégas is passionate about our coffee craft and no detail is left to chance. The craftsmanship behind our coffee - from the carefully hand-picked bean to the tasty cup Pasión Colombia is created with coffee knowledge from around the world, and a big dose of love. Everything so that you, as a coffee lover, can enjoy your Zoégas moment with the best coffee, and nothing but the best.

Zoégas Pasión Colombia is fruity and fresh with a lively, clean and medium-bodied taste. The aroma is slightly fruity with hints of sweetness, caramel and grass. The aftertaste offers fruit acidity with a bit of final bitterness. The character complements basic and neutral food such as Italian dishes with e.g. mozzarella cheese and pesto. Together with cream and ice cream, tones of cocoa are highlighted and the mouthfeel becomes smooth and full. The banana gives a floral and lively aftertaste.

A coffee that goes perfectly with cinnamon buns, banana splits and cream pastries.