Zoégas Mollbergs, whole beans - 450 grams

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The beans are carefully roasted and cupped in our coffee roastery in Helsingborg, where our master roasters bring out a rich dark roast with an elegant taste and notes of black currants and butterscotch. The rich aftertaste lingers for a long time, which creates Zoéga's unique character. Our master roasters have roasted the coffee beans to perfection and our quality specialists have tested over and over again to ensure a flavorful coffee of the highest quality. A Mollbergs should always taste like a Mollbergs! We at Zoégas are passionate about our coffee craft and with solid coffee knowledge from all over the world, we want to give you as a coffee lover the best coffee, and let you experience a Zoégas moment.


Zoégas Mollbergs is round and juicy and has a distinct fruity taste of black currants. The scent is rich with hints of vanilla bean.


The coffee gets a perfect taste together with sour exotic fruits such as pineapple and lime. Together with apple cake, an elegant mouthfeel is experienced. The character is not affected by the salt in meat and fish dishes and retains its full flavor.