Zoégas Intenzo - 450 grams

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In our coffee roastery in Helsingborg, our master roasters have roasted and cupped the beans to perfection to highlight a rich dark roast with notes of red apples, where sweetness and acidity complement each other. We at Zoégas are passionate about our craft and express our passion through our coffee and the taste is thus the result of our work. The journey from the carefully hand-picked bean to Intenzo reaching your coffee cup is created with knowledge from around the world, care and a large dose of love. So, let's create pleasure in your everyday life with a tasty cup of Intenzo and a top quality coffee.

The coffee beans in Intenzo come from, among other things, Rainforest Alliance certified plantations. This is part of our sustainability work to ensure that the coffee is grown in a way that protects the environment and provides better livelihood opportunities for coffee growers. All so that you as a coffee drinker can enjoy the tasty Zoégas cup and at the same time be part of a positive and sustainable development for the future, for people and the environment.