Zoégas Hazienda, whole beans - 450 grams

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Zoégas Hazienda has a full and tasty character. The taste is complex but well balanced with notes of ripe berries, plums and nuts. The coffee has a fresh character that appears and is preserved after salty food, such as shrimp or salami. The salt brings out a fruity and balanced acidity while preserving the complexity. Together with chocolate, the coffee gets a freshness that quickly subsides and leaves a feeling of well-being.

Whole beans provide a greater taste experience and suit those who want to treat themselves to the very best coffee. A freshly ground coffee fills the home with lovely aromas, and by grinding the coffee just before brewing, the drink gets even more aroma and taste. Whole beans also give you the freedom to brew your coffee just the way you want it with the brewing method you want.

Hazienda is part of our Organic collection, where you will find our double-certified organic coffee blends that are roasted on 100% high-grown Arabica beans to bring out the very nuances of flavor that create our unique character.