Zoégas Estanzia - 450 grams

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Good coffee is our craft and passion. Estanzia is a Fairtrade and KRAV-labeled blend with a composition of carefully handpicked Arabica beans from Africa, Central and South America. The beans are lightly dark roasted and cupped in our coffee roastery in Helsingborg, where we highlight a coffee character with a fresh taste, notes of red currants and milk chocolate. Our master roasters have roasted the coffee beans to perfection and our quality specialists have tested again and again to ensure sustainably grown coffee of the highest quality. All so that you, as a coffee lover, can enjoy a tasty cup of Estanzia and at the same time be part of a positive and sustainable development for the future.

With a passion for craftsmanship and quality, we want to enhance the coffee time for those who share our passion for good coffee.

Estanzia is part of our Organic collection, where you will find our double-certified organic coffee blends that are roasted on 100% high-grown Arabica beans to bring out the very nuances of flavor that create our unique character.

Zoégas Estanzia is a fresh and balanced coffee with notes of red currants and milk chocolate. The scent is slightly acidic and has a soft undertone.

Estanzia goes especially well with sweet and sour fruits, berries and desserts. Together with a tangy lemon mousse, the coffee is a hit.