Wasa Sandwich, Cheese & French Herbs - 30 grams

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Take a quiet moment or a quick break with Wasa Sandwich Cheese & French herbs. It is a fibre-rich snack with whole grain as it is made on whole grain rye crisp bread in a handy pocket format consisting of two crisp halves with a good spread between them. The creamy filling has the flavors of cheese and French herbs, which immediately brings to mind the sunny Mediterranean with all its wonderful flavors and aromas.

A quick snack that can either be eaten alone or together with a salad, soup or whatever you think fits. The portion packaging makes this simple snack both hygienic, easy to pack and share, if there are several of you having coffee. Since we've already rolled your crackers for you, this convenient snack is also ready to eat right away. Simply the perfect snack on the go, on the go, at school, at work – well, wherever you are!

Of course, we have 100% climate-compensated both toppings and crackers in Wasa Sandwich Cheese & French herbs.

Whole grain rye flour (57%), vegetable fat (rapeseed, shea), maltodextrin, cheese powder (9.1%), sesame seeds, natural flavoring (milk), buttermilk powder, salt, yeast, dried herb spice mixture (0.04%). May contain traces of soy and lupine.